ARPA E-News October 2016

Welcome to the new ARPA Website

ARPA is pleased to now be connecting with members on our new website, facilitated by 2016 Ramon Williams Scholarship Winner Ashley Thompsonand hosted by Squarespace (which was one of the facilitating sites mentioned by Ashley in her acceptance speech – see

 2016 Conference: 2-4 September, Sydney

What a challenging and stimulating conference and time spent sharing around the theme of the Converging Word. The panels were a particular highlight and members have already received the excellent papers from the session on the Church and Disability. It was very pleasing to see the support for Gutenberg Winner Graeme Cole. Graeme has also received some coverage in local newspapers in his area:

The ARPA Executive for 2016-2017

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President: Justin St Vincent

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Along with our Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

 The next ARPA Executive teleconference will be held on October 20th.

 2017 ARPA Awards

There was a significant decision at the 2016 ARPA AGM. Award entries for 2017 will need to be accompanied by an entry form for the 2017 ARPA Conference and Awards Dinner. The AGM has a full discussion about this change, and was persuaded that more needed to be done to highlight the ARPA Awards and ensure proper recognition for those receiving awards by attending the Awards Dinner.

(Note: the executive will have discretion in this matter)

Award Categories: The Face to Face meeting of the executive (January 2017 in Sydney) will review the ARPA award categories and as usual comments are welcome. It is also always very interesting to read the comments by our judges (and thank you to all the judges for their service), and this also helps our reflection as we consider the award categories.

2018 Conference– Joint arrangements with ACPA and the Australian Catholic Communications Congress

Add this important gathering to your diary now. The dates are confirmed as 4 – 8 September, with the ARPA part being 7-8 September. These few days of Christian communication will be a highlight for the church in the southern hemisphere. The location is Brisbane, with hotel to be announced soon.

Suggestions for future ARPA Conferences

The AGM and executive have given preliminary thought to future conferences and members are very welcome to make suggestions for 2019, and 2020. Some thoughts to date (no arrangements, just ‘dreaming’) have been Perth (Perhaps New Norcia), Darwin, and Norfolk Island, and Singapore. Please email the Executive Officer and thoughts.