ARPA Bulletin March - April 2019

The ARPA Executive wish all members a blessed and peaceful Easter.

“Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ” (Luke 24: 5b-7)

Messages of Support for Christchurch

and New Zealand.

The executive sent the following messages to our NZ Members.

Dear all,

On behalf of the ARPA executive, members and staff in Australia, I am sending condolences to you following the terrible shootings in Christchurch and wish you to know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers at this sad time. May God’s hand guide you through this event and we look forward to seeing you all in Christchurch in September.

Elizabeth Harris (Executive Officer)

 Dear Colleagues in New Zealand

I extend to you and the people of New Zealand our love, prayers and encouragement in Christ as you stand together in unity against the shocking and hate-filled act of violence in Christchurch.

My thoughts and prayers to our NZ members and our NZ Vice-President Sophia Sinclair, especially as you work with your own communities at this time to communicate a message of faith and hope.

Our annual conference will be held in Christchurch in September 2019, and I confirm our commitment to meeting and being with our members and supporting in whatever way we can, the people in Christchurch and New Zealand.

Peace and grace

Peter Bentley

President 2018-2019


A meeting of the ARPA executive was held at Stanmore House in Sydney 1-2 February 2019. Among a plethora of matters, the following are noted:

The ARPA occasional e-newsletter has been re-named to maintain a link with the previous printed bulletin publication.

The matter of nominations for life membership has been reviewed and the  award base confirmed as a focus on the organisation itself, with the awarding of citations noted as appropriate for wider Christian media service.

The annual review of the ARPA awards was undertaken. The categories and numbers were maintained for 2019. 

Sophia Sinclair provided an overview of the speakers and arrangements for the 2019 Christchurch conference (6-8 September), highlighting the possibility of excursions and local talks. The Novotel Cathedral Square venue has been finalised.

Following liaison with ACPA, it was agreed to hold the ARPA conference for 2020 in Perth. ARPA and ACPA are liaising about the venue and arrangements.

The resignation of the Louise Mackay as Minutes Secretary was received, and we extend our appreciation to Louise for her service in this role.

2019 ARPA AGM Discussion Focus.Start to think now about contributing thoughts to the question - ARPA 2024: what and where will we be?


2019 AWARDS: The Award conditions and entry forms have been mailed to all members, together with a copy of the Directory for those who requested hard copies.  Please let Elizabeth know if you did not receive this mailing or did not receive the Directory (or how many copies you requested).

RAMON WILLIAMS SCHOLARSHIP: The entry information for the scholarship was also mailed with the Award information.  Again, if  you did not receive this, please let Elizabeth know.

REGISTRATION FORMS: for the Conference in Christchurch in September (6th– 8th) will be available shortly and will again be mailed to all members.  The form will also be available on line

DIRECTORY INFORMATION: Already the 2019 Directory is “out of date” as staff come and go; email addresses change etc.  It would be a great help if members could remember to advice the EO of any changes so that firstly we can reach you when we want you and secondly,  so can others.

 ARPA Executive 2018-2019 (Contact details please see the ARPA website or directory)

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President and Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

Communications Officer: Peter March

ARPA E-News Summer 2018

The ARPA Executive wish all members

a blessed Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. (Luke 2: 8-11)

We hope members will continue to encourage each other through the formal ARPA Christmas gatherings (as arranged) or informal times over the Christmas and New Year period.

Congratulations to all the 2018 Award winners and especially to NZ Baptist for being the Gutenberg winner

and to Others, The Salvation Army for becoming the - The Neumann and Turnour*  ‘Publication of the Year’.

From NZ Baptist Simply the best!

In September a couple of Baptist magazine staff members attended the annual Australasian Religious Press Association (ARPA) Conference.  At the awards evening, the Baptist came away with the ARPA Gutenberg Award for overall excellence in Christian newspaper and magazine publishing. Entries are judged on the quality of journalism, layout, production and use of professional and creative skills to communicate the message of the gospel. We also picked up a couple of writing awards:

Gold for Best Headline for an article by Charles Hewlett, entitled "I'm glad you're not my doctor". 

Bronze for Best Theological Article for an article by Dr Sarah Harris, entitled "God made me lime green". 

The judging period for the awards was the 2017 calendar year, so kudos for the above awards go to the magazine team at that time, especially to the following: Sarah Vaine (former editor), Rebecca McLeay (Graphic Designer), and Jill Hitchcock (former Production Manager), and of course to Charles and Sarah for their contributions.  

Ramon Williams Scholarship

Congratulations to Josh Low (Record/E-Record, Perth) for becoming the 2018 Ramon Williams Scholarship Winner. Not only was Josh the scholarship winner but also judged to be the best-dressed person at the Conference. Well done Josh and well done for winning a Bronze Award in the Category “Best New Writer”.  We look forward to Josh’s contributions to ARPA in 2019.

Ramon Williams Interview shown at 2018 Conference Dinner

The short video interview with Rev Keith Garner AM from Wesley Mission can be viewed here.

Christchurch 2019

It’s official: The Novotel Hotel, Cathedral Square, Christchurch has been booked for the 2019 ARPA Conference 6th-8th September. Start thinking about attending this Conference which will reflect on the Christchurch earthquakes with a theme of ‘Providing a Hope-filled response in a time of disaster and recovery’.

* A Sponsor’s response

Presentation by Dr Matthew Turnour of Neumann and Turnour, Brisbane at the 2018 Australasian Religious Press Association Conference held at Novotel, Brisbane on Saturday 8th September 2018.

Good evening,

I really would like to say one primary thing to you as a group and that is Thank you. Thank you for your role in supporting individuals. Thank you for your role in providing a voice for communities. Thank you for your role in society. Over my 30 years as a Christian I have drawn much encouragement from many of the journals represented here, as have others in our firm. So, the first thing I would like to say thank you for is just your role in supporting and encouraging each of us in our faith.

The second thing I particularly would like to thank you for is being a voice for communities that are not necessarily able to find that voice in the mainstream media. It is my view that specialist focus media serving communities will become more and more important as society seems to be continually fragmenting.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the role that many of you play in our wider society in speaking truth and in so doing resisting participating in the phenomenon of “fake news” and the breakdown in civil public discourse. My expectation is that you will play an increasingly trusted role in disseminating information that is known to be true.

So, in conclusion my firm considers it a privilege to be a Silver sponsor of this conference. We thank you for the work that you do and are appreciative of your contribution.

2019 Executive Meeting

1-2 February, Stanmore House, Sydney. We value your prayers as we plan for 2019.


ARPA NZ: Winter Update

My fellow ARPA Kiwis, 

Time for a brief update on the world of ARPA, both here in NZ and over in Australia.

What's been happening around NZ and Australia?

It was my pleasure to represent the New Zealand chapter of ARPA at our face-to-face executive meeting back in February.

During the meeting we were able to sit down with Nathan Brown, who is the CEO of Christian Media and Arts Australia (CMAA). Our intention was to learn more about how CMAA have innovated and grown as a network.

On Nathan's invitation, ARPA President Peter Bentley and I went along to the recent CMAA Conference: 'Small is the New Big' on the Gold Coast, May 1-3.

I am very grateful to ARPA for sending me to attend the conference and spent time networking with CMAA members and learning more. I was particularly interested in the way CMAA have drawn in younger members, and the ways they seek to connect smaller members to help share resources. It was a vibrant, professional and relevant conference and I learnt a lot about connection in a media space.

I'd be really keen to chat more with you all about the future of ARPA, as we navigate a changing media landscape. 

I also enjoyed getting down to Wellington last week to meet up with members as they heard from Dr Hrayr Jebejian of the Bible Society in the Gulf States.

Thanks for being very gracious with me settling back into Kiwi life with my family over the past 7 months as we re-located to Levin after 3 years in Sydney. Many of you sent messages of welcome and I'm very grateful.

I'm keen to keep growing and developing in this role, as I support the work of ARPA members in New Zealand.

What's coming up in 2018?

Our Annual ARPA Conference is being held in Brisbane 7-9 September, just a few weeks away. I'll be there and hope to see those of you who are making the trip.

We'll have some time to get together for dinner on the Friday night, as just the NZ chapter, to discuss what we'd like to see for the future of ARPA.

I'm also looking forward to supporting you all at our awards. Each year New Zealanders are consistent with a high standard and creativity--and I'm sure this year will be no different!

We also hope to have another couple of NZ ARPA meetings--Auckland has one planned for 30 November, and we've discussed another get-together in Wellington before the end of the year.

What's coming up in 2019?

I've got some exciting news: our annual ARPA conference is being planned for CHRISTCHURCH, NZ 2019!

Our Executive is keen to have more events in NZ, and our Australian contingent is especially excited about exploring the city as it is being re-built and re-imagined.

At this stage the dates discussed are 6-8 September 2019. But I wanted feedback from you, our NZ chapter, before confirming.

So please let me know: will these dates suit you?

I'd also love to hear more about what would make a uniquely Kiwi-flavoured ARPA conference for you. Do you have tips for speakers? Locations?

As always, do let me know what your local ARPA group is up to and how I can best be encouraging and supporting you.

Sophia Sinclair
New Zealand Vice President,
Chapter Coordinator, and Communications Officer.

ARPA E-News June 2018

Ramon Williams Scholarship for 2018

ARPA received three very high standard (and valid) applications for the Ramon Williams Scholarship for 2018. Thank you to members for helping to facilitate applications from younger staff members of your publications.

ARPA is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2018 Ramon Williams Scholarship for 2018 is Joshua Low, journalist and photographer from The Record (Catholic Archdiocese of Perth). Congratulations to Josh and thank you to all applicants for your interest and desire to support ARPA. The scholarship will enable Josh to attend the 2018 ARPA conference and contribute to the future direction and development of the Australasian Religious Press Conference. 

Ramon Williams has been involved with ARPA since its establishment in 1974. Ramon was awarded the Association’s premier trophy the Gutenberg Award in 1987.  In 2013, ARPA recognised his long-standing public Christian ministry, and presented Ramon with the honour of an ARPA Citation for Outstanding Service to Christian Media. As the founder of Worldwide Photos Ltd, he has contributed in a variety of ways to the ministry of the Church in Australia, especially through the provision of photographic material, Christian stories and press releases to the Christian Media and the secular media. Ramon has been a source of great personal encouragement for many Christians in the media and many people have been touched by Ramon’s thoughtfulness and contact. Ramon’s life theme is Telling others what others are doing for the Lord and it is ARPA’s hope that this scholarship will be a source of encouragement for a younger member in their developing ministry of Telling others what others are doing for Lord.


Thank you to the entrants this year. A total of 312 entries were received and have been distributed to the judges for decision. Thanks to everyone for your understanding and assistance to me in the handling of these entries.  It seems that most went into the correct categories and the few errors wee quickly fixed.  I look forward to the results and commend everyone for their hard work in the preparation of the entries - Liz

2018 ARPA Conference: Novotel Brisbane: 7 - 9 September 2019

Communicating Hope and Trust in a Public Faith

The planning is coming along well, and details will be available over the next few weeks. Please book your accommodation now at the Novotel Brisbane now: 07 3309 3309

We are pleased to announce that on Saturday morning (8 September) Dr Alex Deagon will present on 'The Virtues of Public Religion'.  Dr Deagon is Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at Queensland University of Technology and has published a substantial volume on Peace and Violence in relation to theology, law and community.

2018 Catholic Media Congress: 4-7 September: Brisbane

Registrations are now on-line for the 2018 Catholic Media Congress. The Website has comprehensive information available:

ARPA Executive Update

The ARPA Executive met using Zoom in May to discuss amongst other matters,  updating the Conference planning. The Executive meets in this way on 3 occasions during the year.  We meet face to face in February and of course during the Conference in September.  All of this is carried out on a voluntary basis with members of the executive taking on their roles in addition to their publication work.  Thinking towards the future, we need to encourage members to look at filling these roles as others look at retirement.  The Conference in September provides an ideal setting to  attend the AGM and to discuss this with current and past Executive members.

ARPA E-News May 2018


Thank you to all members that have entered the 2018 Awards (for publications in 2017). The awards will be presented at the 2018 Conference on Saturday 8th September in Brisbane.

Ramon Williams Scholarship for 2018

It was pleasing to receive three excellent applications for the Ramon Williams Scholarship. The winner will be announced in the June E-News.

Note: Members are reminded to take note of the criteria for entry to ensure a valid application.

 2018 ARPA Conference: Brisbane

Communicating Hope and Trust in a Public Faith: 7-8 September 2018

The planning is coming along well. The Saturday afternoon will have two distinct keynote workshop sessions, enabling members to attend both events.

Our own members, Penny Mulvey and Mardi Lumsden will co-ordinate a session on the joys and challenges of working in the Religious Press.

Professor Mark Pearson, from Griffith University will be leading two keynote seminar times on Social Media, community, and current issues.

2018 Catholic Media Congress: 4-7 September: Brisbane

 All ARPA members are warmly invited to attend the 2018 Catholic Media Congress to be held before ARPA 2018 at Rydges Hotel in Brisbane. Details are on the website:



ARPA E-News February - March 2018

Pastoral Note for our Executive Officer, Elizabeth Harris

The ARPA executive, on behalf of the membership, extends our sympathy and prayers to our executive officer and her family following the passing of Liz's husband Russ on 27 February 2018. We thank Liz for her dedicated service and attention to ARPA and our membership while she has juggled family and health needs. 

Vale: Associate Member Alan Gill AM (1935 - February 23, 2018)

This is certainly the passing of an era. Alan was one of the group of people involved in the early days of ARPA, back in 1974, and maintained an active interest in ARPA as an associate member for over four decades.
Alan was the well-known religious affairs journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald for 17 years (1972-1989), having started as a ‘general’ journalist upon emigrating to Australia in 1971.

In 1985 he received a Walkley Award and was made a member of The Order of Australia for Services to the Media in 1995. Alan continued to write and research well into retirement.
Alan was a much-loved presence at NSW ARPA gatherings and always had one (or ten) stories to tell about his wide-ranging experiences, meeting religious leaders from all around the world. His expertise and knowledge of the Christian faith and other religions was well-known. His SMH colleagues referred to him as ‘The Reverend’ Alan Gill and he was often asked to provide information and advice about ‘religion’. I well remember him telling of his amusement one time when a colleague wanting to write a profile on Mary Mackillop asked Alan for her telephone number.

Malcolm Brown’s obituary for Alan is well worth reading:

Alan will be missed by his wife Daisy, his wider family, friends and ARPA colleagues.
The President, Peter Bentley represented ARPA at Alan’s funeral service (A Mass of Christian Burial  at St Mark's Catholic Church, Tranmere Street, Drummoyne on March 2nd, 2018).

Peter Bentley

Ramon Williams Scholarship for 2018

Closing date 1 May 2018

Notice for the 2018 scholarship has been sent out. Please pass the information onto people in your organisation and think of someone your publication could nominate. Essential criteria:

  • The applicant must be no more than thirty-three years of age at the time of application.
  • The applicant must include in their application the name of a member publication or agency of ARPA that has nominated them to apply. 


2018 ARPA Conference: Brisbane

Communicating Hope and Trust in a Public Faith

Add the dates to your diary now: 7-8 September 2018.

Note. the Catholic Media Congress from 4 September (incorporating the ACPA Conference).

ARPA will meet at the Novotel Brisbane, just near Central Station, so again on the airtrain link.

We are pleased to report that Queensland academic and past ARPA member Dr John Harrison will be the opening keynote speaker for ARPA on Friday 7 September at 2.00 pm, on the topic:

“Journalism is not a crime. Not yet anyway.”


Connect 18: Small is the new big:

Christian Media and Arts Conference

Connect 18: 1-3 May, QT Hotel, Gold Coast.

Interested in attending this major event? CMAA is offering ARPA members the Super Earlybird rate. This is now completely unavailable to even CMAA members.

Brief report on 2018 Executive Meeting

The executive held the annual face-to-face meeting February 2-3, 2018 at Stanmore House and dealt with ongoing business, finances and memberships (not yet renewed and new), as well as reviewing the past conference, the awards and making arrangements for the 2018 conference. A new award for Best Original Illustration will be introduced in 2018. The Blog award has been discontinued due to lack of entries.

Future ARPA Conferences

After reviewing the survey results, local logistics and timing, it was agreed that our preferred location would be Christchurch for ARPA 2019. This also links in with the desire of the executive and the survey respondents to have more frequent conferences in New Zealand.

Perth is recommended for 2020, and Adelaide for 2021.


ARPA E-News November 2017

Gutenberg highlighted at the new Museum of the Bible

Eternity News reports:

When Museum of the Bible opens its doors on November 17, just three blocks from the US Capitol building in Washington DC, guests will enter through two towering, 12-metre-tall gates, each weighing more than 12 tonnes. Made of bronze, the so-called “Gutenberg Gates”, created by artist Larry Kirkland, bear the first 30 verses of the Bible in Latin as found in the Gutenberg Bible, the first major work created using the printing press. However, the text is in reverse, as in a printing plate, so that visitors can create souvenir rubbings.

Full article at:

If any ARPA member is visiting the Museum in the near future, please let the ARPA EO know. We would love to have a first-hand report and it could be an article for all our members.

Ramon Williams Scholarship for 2018

Notice for the 2018 scholarship will be sent out in February, following the review at the ARPA executive meeting. Keep this in mind now and think of someone your publication could nominate. Note essential criteria:

  • The applicant must be no more than thirty three years of age at the time of application.
  • The applicant must include in their application the name of a member publication or agency of ARPA that has nominated them to apply.

The Harvey Weinstein affair

Among the many articles and news items I found these two articles quite sobering in terms of journalism. Comments and opinions welcome: Peter Bentley

Jim Rutenberg (Mediator: October 7, 2017): Extract below:

… Let’s hope that those in the know did not include members of the Los Angeles Press Club, which this year gave Mr. Weinstein its “Truthteller Award,” calling him an example of “integrity and social responsibility,” along with Jay-Z. (The mogul received the honor because of his producing “Time: The Kalief Browder Story,” a Spike TV documentary series about a 16-year-old who spent three years in Rikers Island awaiting a trial that never took place.)

The Press Club might want to rethink the award given that Mr. Weinstein has hired the emerging leader of anti-press jurisprudence, Charles Harder, who brought the case that put Gawker out of business last year. …

and Lee Smith – Silence of the Enablers: Harvey Weinstein’s secret kept by the media (The Australian: 14th October 2017; extract below and yes I bought the weekend print edition). Any feedback on this and the whole digital revolution welcome.

… That’s why the story about Weinstein finally broke now. It’s because the media industry that once protected him has collapsed. The magazines that used to publish the stories Miramax optioned can’t afford to pay for the kind of reporting and storytelling that translates into screenplays. They’re broke because Facebook and Google have swallowed all the digital advertising money that was supposed to save the press as print advertising continued to tank. …

Executive Meetings

The executive held a teleconference on Monday 16th October.

Louise Mackay (Anglican Encounter Newcastle, NSW) has been co-opted to the executive as Minutes Secretary. We are grateful for Louise taking on this role and also for her contributions to the executive.

The Sydney based meeting will be February 2-3, 2018 at Stanmore House.

If you are visiting Sydney over the summer and need a place to stay check out Stanmore House at the Salvation Army Sydney Location.

ARPA Social Media

Let Sophia know of any news to link for our Facebook postings.

It is great to see the 2017 Conference photos being accessed. Thank you to Mark Tronson for his invaluable assistance with taking many of the photos during the awards night.

2018 ARPA Conference: Brisbane

Add the dates to your diary now: 7-8 September 2018, and note the Catholic Media Congress from 4 September (incorporating the ACPA Conference)

ARPA Executive (Contact details please see the ARPA directory)

The ARPA Executive for 2017-2018

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President and Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

Minutes Secretary: Louise Mackay

ARPA E-News October 2017

What a time in Auckland - August 2017

ARPA members were encouraged, challenged and blessed at our 2017 Conference. Feedback has highlighted the networking and fellowship, and the Awards Dinner held on the Rooftop Terrace at Rydges Hotel.

Sponsors for the 2017 Conference

ARPA is pleased to thank our GOLD SPONSOR: CBM Australia

One of the major events that CBM undertakes is Miracles Day. This special appeal in conjunction with Christian radio stations and churches throughout Australia raises funds and awareness for sight-saving cataract surgery in the world’s poorest places:

We were also blessed with support from our Silver Sponsor: NZ Bible Society.

And our Bronze Sponsors:

Dove Ministries

OpenBook Howden

Blue Sky Creative


Congratulations to the winners in the various categories and a special acknowledgement to Jamie O’Brien, from The Record Perth, on being awarded the Gutenberg for 2017.

Congratulations also to The Melbourne Anglican for winning the Publication of the Year Award, received by Mark Brolly,  Australian Vice President of ARPA.

2018 ARPA Conference: Brisbane

Add the dates to your diary now: 7-8 September 2018.

Executive Meetings

The next executive meeting will be held by teleconference on Monday 16th October. The Sydney based meeting will be February 2-3, 2018.

The executive will be reviewing the conference and the awards schedule and members are encouraged to send comments. It would be helpful for you to read the judges’ comments in the awards booklet.

ARPA Social Media

Thank you to Sophia for all the awards posts on our Facebook. It has been encouraging to see the regular postings recognising our members. There is also a wonderful collection of photos to view.

ARPA Executive (Contact details please see the ARPA directory)

The ARPA Executive for 2017-2018

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President and Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris

ARPA E-NEWS August 2017

Auckland 25-27 August

Yes, there is still time to register for the 2017 ARPA Conference. Join nearly 60 members in the harbour city of Auckland for the Christian print communicators networking event of the year.

With the beautiful setting of the Rooftop Terrace at Rydges Hotel, the Awards Dinner will be a highlight, culminating in the presentation of the Gutenberg for 2017. The President has devised several questions that will test the perspicacity of members (and yes, there are some intriguing and possibly very odd prizes to be won).

Transport to the Hotel

Errol Pike has kindly supplied the following information: I have just been online to check the my transport from the Auckland airport to CBD and the best and cheapest (NZ$18 one way, NZ$32 return) is Skyway bus ( It does mean walking about three blocks from the drop-off point (at 237 Queen Street, Stop No 7053) to the Hotel (corner of Federal and Kingston Streets) but the cost of a taxi from airport to CBD can be about $80. The bus does take a little longer, however but they do run very regularly. Also, you can pre-buy Skybus tickets online – see their website. The only negative is that the Skybus does not run from the international terminal after 10.30 pm. – but all the info is on their website.

Awards:  The judges’ decisions are in and there is an amazing list of winners, including for publication of the year.  It will be a joy to have every winner represented at the dinner to receive their Award.

 Sponsors at the 2017 Conference:  ARPA is pleased to work with our GOLD SPONSOR

CBM Australia

One of the major events that CBM undertakes is Miracles Day. This special appeal in conjunction with Christian radio stations and churches throughout Australia raises funds and awareness for sight-saving cataract surgery in the world’s poorest places.

Miracles Day for 2017 will be held on 17 August. Christian radio stations will be on-air talking about Miracles Day and encouraging their listeners to donate a $32 Miracle - payment for a 12-minute operation that enables a cataract to be removed and sight to be restored. You can support CBM by promoting the contact number 131 226 and website in your social media: and #makemiraclespossible (used online/social media as hashtag, used without # where appropriate)

New Members

ARPA is pleased to advise the following new members: Jen Rosenberg from Australian Catholic University, Wayne Graham, whose publication is the Daily Encourager and Annie Carrett who as editor of Broken Bay News has been a long-time supporter of ARPA and ACPA.  The publication is no longer an ARPA member but we are thrilled that Annie has chosen to stay with us.

ARPA Social Media Survey

Sophia Sinclair, our Communications Officer reported to the executive meeting held on Tuesday 1st August about the results of the social media survey. It is evident that members would prefer a finely tuned approach to ARPA using social media, and Sophia will be looking at connecting in a helpful way.