ARPA E-News June 2017

ARPA Conference 2017: Auckland 25-27 August

Thank you to all members who have registered along with their award entries. Please consider booking your accommodation in June for the conference hotel. It is helpful for ARPA’s block booking arrangements. Booking accommodation at the Rydges Hotel - Auckland: You only need to put the check-in and check-out dates and click book now. You don’t need to put any code or promo code.

ARPA is pleased to work with our GOLD SPONSOR:

CBM Australia

One of the major events that CBM undertakes is Miracles Day. This special appeal in conjunction with Christian radio stations and churches throughout Australia raises funds and awareness for sight-saving cataract surgery in the world’s poorest places. Although cataracts are generally straightforward to treat, they often lead to permanent vision loss for people living in the world’s poorest countries, who cannot access affordable eye-care and surgery.

Miracles Day for 2017 will be held on 17 August.

From 10-20 August 2017, representatives from five of the largest Australian Christian radio stations will travel to the Philippines to witness life transforming cataract operations, and meet some of the people involved in CBM’s work. The stations will broadcast their morning shows live from Bacolod the week of Miracles Day, culminating in the Miracles Day event on Thursday 17 August. The stations that will travel to the field include: Light FM, Hope FM, Sonshine FM, Family FM, Vision Christian Radio and the Luke & Susie Show (broadcast on stations around Australia). Twenty one other Christian radio stations will be on-air talking about Miracles Day and encouraging their listeners to donate a $32 Miracle.

Over the last four years compassionate Australians have raised more than 82,000 Miracle gifts of sight – providing sight-saving operations to those in need. A $32 donation sponsors a 12-minute operation which enables a cataract to be removed and sight to be restored. You can support CBM by promoting the contact number 131 226 and website in your social media: and #makemiraclespossible (used online/social media as hashtag, used without # where appropriate)

ARPA Social Media Survey

Have you undertaken the social media survey yet? Please help as the feedback will provide the details that ARPA needs to develop the next stage of ARPA’s communications. Any questions please contact Sophia Sinclair, our Communications Officer.

ARPA Executive (Contact details please see the ARPA directory) 

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President: Justin St Vincent

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

ARPA E-News May 2017

ARPA Conference 2017: Auckland 25-27 August

Please consider booking your accommodation now at the conference hotel. It is helpful for ARPA’s block booking arrangements. Booking accommodation at the Rydges Hotel - Auckland: You just need to put the check-in and check-out dates and click book now. You don’t need to put any code or promo code.

2017 Conference GOLD SPONSOR: CBM Australia

Every day, CBM International is working in 63 countries around the world to transform lives. In 2015, CBM Australia worked directly in 17 of the poorest countries. Together, CBM globally seeks to empower people living with disability in the world’s poorest countries, transforming their lives and breaking down the barriers in their homes and communities that stop them from reaching their full potential.

Ramon Williams Scholarship

A reminder that applications for the 2017 Scholarship are due by 5 pm on 1st May. 

One Day in Melbourne (Christian Media Seminar)

June 3 (10.30 am – 4.00 pm)

ARPA Australia VP Mark Brolly will be attending the 2017 seminar designed to offer practical help those to working in the Christian media, especially in mission publications.

Location: Moonee Ponds Salvation Army - near to Tullamarine airport, which assists those flying in and out of Melbourne.

Organised by Mark Tronson (Well-Being Australia), other ARPA members are involved in the program, including John Sandeman (Eternity), and ARPA Life Member and New Life editor Bob Thomas is the MC.

For further information contact Mark Tronson on: 0419 917 713

ARPA Executive

The next ARPA Executive teleconference will be held on May 9th, 2017.

The ARPA Executive for 2016-2017

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President: Justin St Vincent

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Along with our Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

ARPA Social Media

Facebook page for the Australasian Religious Press Association will now be found simply as ARPA.

ARPA E-News March 2017

ARPA News March 2017

Watch out for your ARPA Awards entry form package - with conference brochure – coming by email and by post. (Award entries must be in by 19th May 2017)

2017 ARPA Conference – Auckland

Make sure you have the dates in your diary: 25-27 August 2017. The program for the 2017 conference is being organised and the brochure will be available in later March. Thank you to the local ARPA members and, in particular, our NZ Vice-President Justin St. Vincent for all the work to date (and to come). The conference will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from a range of gifted communicators and also join in our established networking and collegial contact. Some Australian members are already looking forward to also taking time to holiday in New Zealand.

Congratulations to our Communications Officer Sophia Sinclair on the birth of her second son: Sophia ‘reported’ Our little Valentine's Day gift: Frank Paul Sinclair. Born 4.43pm, 14/2/2017 at RPAH. Weighing 3918gm/8lb 6oz. Both mother and baby doing very, very well after a wonderful birth experience. We are very thankful to God for his provision and faithfulness.

Mark Brolly from The Melbourne Anglican writes ‘My colleague Emma Halgren (who was part of the 2013 Conference organising committee) had a boy last Sunday week, "a sleepy, smiley" little fellow. All well, no name for the Bub yet. God bless all, especially the new Mums, Dads and Bubs’ . Mark

ARPA Conference Review 2017

Thank you to the members who responded. The executive will consider the responses in detail, but the following provides an overview. Overall 50 responses were received (response rate 37% ). 86% of respondents had attended a conference.

Summary of the answers to questions.

What is your interest in ARPA? The three top areas were

·         Professional Association (and development) – 80%

·         ARPA Conference – 62%

·         ARPA Awards – 62%

 What are some reasons for you not attending an ARPA Conference?

The three top reasons were:

·         Other – nearly 40% of people suggested a range of reason mostly related in some way to the general suggestions.

·         Lack of funding from own publication – 34%

·         Cannot finance own attendance – 24%

What are some helpful reasons for having the Conference?

·         The three main reasons identified were:

·         Networking (and encouragement) – 92%

·         Professional Development – 84%

·         Catching up with friends and colleagues – 66%

Note: the ARPA Awards recorded 62%

What is the most important reason for holding an ARPA Conference?

It was interesting to note only 17% of respondents chose the ARPA Awards (the other 83% mainly highlighted professional development, networking and encouragement in their written answers).

What areas of Professional Education are you interested in?

The five main areas were:

·         Writing – 66%

·         Editing – 62%

·         Social Media – 62%

·         Design – 44%

·         Photography – 38%

What topics or themes would be helpful to address at a conference?

The top three areas:

·         Digital Media – 73%

·         Contemporary Church Issues – 73%

·         The Future of print – 61%

Would you consider attending a conference at any of the following locations?

The number one choice was the Gold Coast – 74%

Second – Launceston – 68%

Third – Perth - 63%

Would you consider attending a conference at any of the following locations if the registration cost was fully covered? (not travel or accommodation)

This enabled Darwin and Perth to come out on top – 76%.

Singapore had perhaps a surprising 66% approval on this question.

What other suggestions can you add to help develop ARPA conferences?

58% of respondents provided a written in response. The executive will take your comments in consideration. The three main areas of comment:

Arrangements for Judging the awards; cost of the conference and accommodation; and content/speakers.

Thank you to all the members who contributed to the survey. This has proved to be very helpful for our future planning and a good base for further survey work.

2017 ARPA Awards

The award details and entry forms will be sent out soon (these will be emailed and also provided by postal mail). Members are reminded of the decision of the 2016 AGM:

At the AGM in September2016, the amount of work put into the organization of the awards and the conference was noted. The following comment was made by a member. ‘The awards need to mean something and have value within the sector. When people don’t turn up to the event to accept prestigious awards it belittles the awards.’

As a result of these discussions, It was moved, seconded and carried,  ‘that award submissions from all member organisations will only be accepted if accompanied by a conference registration.’  It was further noted that the Executive will have the discretion to waive this requirement if considered appropriate. This requirement will apply to the conferences of 2017 and 2018 and be reviewed after these dates.

NB: If you do not wish to pay the registration fee at the time of submitting the entries , you will be invoicedfor the amount owing.

 ARPA Conference Sponsorship

The Religious Press is not generally a popular avenue for the acquisition of sponsorship.  In the past however, we have received some very generous sponsorship from the most diverse sources -  Mail houses, printers, conference merchandise providers. On this topic, a reminder that the registration fee for the Conference will depend on the amount of sponsorship we have received/promised by the end of this month as stated in the Minutes of the last Executive meeting in January.

Do you through your publication know of anyone who could offer ARPA a level of sponsorship for our 2017 conference?  If you have any contacts please advise the Executive Officer, Elizabeth Harris, who can supply you with a sponsorship presentation package.  

The ARPA Executive for 2016-2017

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President: Justin St Vincent

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Along with our Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

The next ARPA Executive teleconference will be held on May 9th, 2017.





ARPA E-News February 2017

ARPA News February 2017

 ARPA Conference Review – have you completed the survey? Thank you to those members who have responded.

The AGM and executive have given a good deal of thought to future conferences and our conference overall, but we are also seeking your input and a survey has been provided recently (through monkey survey – check your in-box). If you have not yet undertaken the survey could we encourage you to consider doing so as soon as possible. Your involvement is an integral help for the ARPA community.

Members are very welcome to make suggestions for conferences in 2019, and 2020. Some thoughts to date (no arrangements, just ‘dreaming’) have been Perth (Perhaps New Norcia), Darwin, and Norfolk Island, and Singapore.

One member respondent will receive a complimentary registration for the 2017 conference.

2017 ARPA Conference – Auckland

The program for the 2017 conference is being organised and the brochure will be available in April. Thank you to the local ARPA members and in particular our NZ Vice-President Justin St. Vincent for all the work to date (and to come). The conference will be a wonderful opportunity to hear from a range of gifted communicators. Make sure you have the dates in your diary: 

25-27 August 2017.

2017 ARPA Award Categories

The Face to Face meeting of the executive (January 2017 in Sydney) reviewed the ARPA award categories. A heads-up that there will be a new awards category: Social Media Campaign. Many of our members engage in integrated social media campaigns during the year and this is an opportunity to showcase this wider work of witness.

Changes in member publications

Pipeline, the magazine of the Eastern Territory for the Australia Salvation Army magazine has now finished (the final edition of Volume 20 was issued in December 2016 and looks back over 20 years of publication). The Salvation Army in Australia is moving to become one territory and a national editorial department is working toward a new magazine from this year.

Isabella Woods has concluded as editor of Parish Connections (St James King Street, Sydney) and is now back in England. We welcome Brooke Shelley as the new Communications and Media Manager.

Church Resources has concluded as a member following changes to the structure and arrangements. Long-standing ARPA participant Christine Hogan finished her position at Church Resources just before Christmas last year and we wish Christine God’s blessing in future ministry and service.

Welcome to New Members

ARPA welcomes The Good Oil (Sisters of the Good Samaritan);

ARPA Social Media Strategy

ARPA has endorsed a social media report provided by the Communications Officer Sophia Sinclair. During 2017 we will work on developing an integrated social media arrangement and also appropriate input at key times (like the conference).

Note: The Facebook page for the Australasian Religious Press Association will now be found simply as ARPA.

The ARPA Executive for 2016-2017

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President: Justin St Vincent

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Along with our Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

The next ARPA Executive teleconference will be held on May 9th, 2017.




ARPA News December 2016

2017 Conference: Auckland: 25-27 August

ARPA is pleased to announce the conference hotel: Rydges Auckland: 58 Federal Street.

The local arrangements team, including our own Justin St Vincent reviewed a number of hotels and Rydges stood out with some excellent features. The Awards Dinner will be very special with the Rooftop Terrace room location.

ARPA Executive Meeting

The next ARPA Executive meeting will be the annual face to face meeting in Sydney. We are meeting at the lovely Salvation Army Centre in Sydney: Stanmore House January 20-21. If you have any matters for the executive to consider please advise the Executive Officer. One of the main tasks will be to review the awards for 2017.

Support for Religion on ABC Radio National.

There has been some news coverage of the impact of changes and particularly we note for long-standing ARPA friend John Cleary (more still to be finalised). John has thanked ARPA for our support and concern:

Note (4/12/2016) ARPA has also now received an acknowledgement from the ABC.

2018 Conference – Joint arrangements with ACPA and the Australian Catholic Communications Congress (4-8 September, with ARPA dates 7-8 September)

Allan Sauer and Peter Bentley represented ARPA at the full day planning meeting in Brisbane on Wednesday 30th November. Thank you to Aoife Connors for all the preliminary work and the local members for reviewing possible venues for the 2018 Joint Christian Media gathering.

Christmas gatherings

Many chapters have organised a Christmas gathering. 10 SA Chapter members met for lunch at the Thai Chef Restaurant and acknowledged the retirement of Ros and David Phillips after many years of ARPA involvement. We understand that members of WA Chapter are organising a get together with the encouragement of Heather Dowling and Jamie O’Brian.

On behalf of the Executive, I wish you all a happy and holy Christmas-tide and a fulfilling New Year.

Peter Bentley

Please email the Executive Officer with your news and comments.


ARPA E-News October 2016

Welcome to the new ARPA Website

ARPA is pleased to now be connecting with members on our new website, facilitated by 2016 Ramon Williams Scholarship Winner Ashley Thompsonand hosted by Squarespace (which was one of the facilitating sites mentioned by Ashley in her acceptance speech – see

 2016 Conference: 2-4 September, Sydney

What a challenging and stimulating conference and time spent sharing around the theme of the Converging Word. The panels were a particular highlight and members have already received the excellent papers from the session on the Church and Disability. It was very pleasing to see the support for Gutenberg Winner Graeme Cole. Graeme has also received some coverage in local newspapers in his area:

The ARPA Executive for 2016-2017

President: Peter Bentley

NZ Vice-President: Justin St Vincent

Australian Vice-President: Mark Brolly

Treasurer: Allan Sauer

Communications Officer: Sophia Sinclair

Along with our Executive Officer: Elizabeth Harris.

 The next ARPA Executive teleconference will be held on October 20th.

 2017 ARPA Awards

There was a significant decision at the 2016 ARPA AGM. Award entries for 2017 will need to be accompanied by an entry form for the 2017 ARPA Conference and Awards Dinner. The AGM has a full discussion about this change, and was persuaded that more needed to be done to highlight the ARPA Awards and ensure proper recognition for those receiving awards by attending the Awards Dinner.

(Note: the executive will have discretion in this matter)

Award Categories: The Face to Face meeting of the executive (January 2017 in Sydney) will review the ARPA award categories and as usual comments are welcome. It is also always very interesting to read the comments by our judges (and thank you to all the judges for their service), and this also helps our reflection as we consider the award categories.

2018 Conference– Joint arrangements with ACPA and the Australian Catholic Communications Congress

Add this important gathering to your diary now. The dates are confirmed as 4 – 8 September, with the ARPA part being 7-8 September. These few days of Christian communication will be a highlight for the church in the southern hemisphere. The location is Brisbane, with hotel to be announced soon.

Suggestions for future ARPA Conferences

The AGM and executive have given preliminary thought to future conferences and members are very welcome to make suggestions for 2019, and 2020. Some thoughts to date (no arrangements, just ‘dreaming’) have been Perth (Perhaps New Norcia), Darwin, and Norfolk Island, and Singapore. Please email the Executive Officer and thoughts.

ARPA News Conference 2016

2016 ARPA Conference: Rydges Sydney Central: 2-4 September.

What a wonderful gathering and time of learning, challenge and sharing together within the theme of The Converging Word (converging mediums of communication)

This was a conference in which many of our members participated; from the panels, leading seminars and facilitating sessions, we were privileged to share in the wisdom and Christian experience from many members on a varied range of issues. My deep thanks to all the members and to our speakers and guests, and especially our sponsors from Wesley Mission (Hospitals) – two amazing seminars illustrating the church’s response to mental health, and cbm with a challenging session on inclusion and disability. The papers from this session have been distributed to members and I am aware already of several interviews arising from this session.

I can only look forward to ARPA 2017 in Auckland.

Peter Bentley, President

Our warm congratulation to Graeme Cole, the winner of the Gutenberg Award for 2016.

The Citation for ARPA’s premier award stated:

This is a personal recognition for Graeme, who has provided nearly thirty years of ministry in Christian media and communication, serving the Anglican Church (Director of Communications for Anglicare NSW), Frontier Services (National Public Affairs Manager), and since 2001, Wesley Mission (Public Affairs Manager).

These roles have involved extensive writing, preparing annual reports (Graeme won a Bronze Award for Wesley Mission's 2001 Annual Report in the Australasian Reporting Awards); strategic development and oversight of numerous internal newsletters and publications, associated editing, writing, reviewing and constant liaison.

He is also the editor of ARPA member publication Wesley Impact! - The magazine of Wesley Mission. Graeme has won 16 ARPA awards in a wide range of categories, testifying to his versatility and incredible ability manage a variety of roles, though I think he does have a gifted orientation to entering the Best Headline Award.

In his latest role at Wesley Mission, Graeme also co-ordinates media and government relations, providing the wealth of his experience and wisdom so that the good deeds of a Christian agency can multiply and multiply. In essence Graeme exemplifies the best of Christian reporting, grounded in a commitment to justice and truth and founded in personal integrity. At all times, and in difficult times, his personal faith points to the undergirding power and grace that is provided by God for all those who are called to serve. Graeme’s ministry is not a venture or service for himself, it is a mission to point to the good works that are being done in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise be to God. It is therefore my great pleasure to present the Gutenberg Award for 2016 Graeme Cole.

Peter Bentley, President: 3rd September 2016



Category 2: Most improved hard copy publication


Catholic Voice, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn


On Fire, Salvation Army National Editorial Department


The Real Australian, Bush Church Aid Society of the Anglican Church

Category 3: Best Regional Publication


Aurora, Catholic Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle


Catholic Voice, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.


The Anglican Encounter, Anglican Diocese of Newcastle


Category 4:  Best New Writer


"Beyond the Phantasm of Deprivation"

by Remy Low Zadok Perspectives


"Facing Up to Debt"

by Robin Raymond , War Cry (New Zealand)


"Wake Up toCompassion"

by Alice Snedden , Tui Motu lnterlslands

 Highly Commended

"Ice—Beyond the Headlines" by Tim Lam, Crosslight

Category 5:  Best News Story


"A Dutch story of 'voluntary' euthanasia"

by David & Roslyn Phillips, VoxPoint


"Trust supports youth transition to independence"

Spanz, Summer 2015.


"A storm in a teacup? "

by Anne Lim, Eternity, June 2015.

Category 6:  Best Feature, Single Author


"Victim to their Charms"

by Anne Lim, Southern, Anglican Media Sydney


"An Unlikely Priest"

by Matthew Biddle, Catholic Voice


"The Only Skill I Have is Escaping - the only thing I believe in is Jesus"

by John Wilson, Voice of the Martyrs

Category 7: Best Feature, Multiple Authors


"Half a century of hope", Pipeline, Salvation Army, The Australian Eastern Territory


"NZ gets a new Cardinal", NZCatholic

Category 8:    Best Profile story


"A Quantum Leap of Faith"

by Dianne Jensen, Journey (Uniting Church, Queensland) .


"Finding a voice in 'transitional times"

by Emma Halgren, The Melbourne Anglican


"The White Rose"

by Tricia O'Donnell, Marist Messenger (New Zealand)

Category 9: Best Editorial   or Opinion Piece


"The Art of Losing Well"

by John Dickson, Eternity


"The Paris Attacks Call Us to Deep Reflection"

by Ken Letts,  The Melbourne Anglican


"Erring on the Side of Compassion: Same-sex Marriage Debate Demands Grace"

by Grant Sandercock-Brown , Pipeline , The Salvation Army, The Australian Eastern Territory.

Category 10:   Best Column


"The Face of God"

Michael McGirr's series in Madonna, published by Jesuit Publications.


"My Word "

Bishop Bill Wright's column in Aurora, published by the Catholic Diocese of Newcastle.


"Unsung Methodists"

by Donald Phillipps in Touchstone.

Category 11:  Best Blog

No awards made

Category 12:  Best Faith Reflection


"Service and sacrifice"

by Nigel Pollock, Canvas magazine


"Life in the hard lane,"

by Richard Zweck, The Lutheran (awarded posthumously)


"God's Care Throughout Life"

by Mark Wormell, Southern Cross, Anglican Media Sydney

Category 13:  Best Theological Article


"Who can then be saved"

By Dorothy Lee, The Melbourne Anglican


"The perfected body? Disability and the resurrection"

by Vaughan Oliffe, Case Quarterly


"Marriage: we're talking about it"

by Bruce Mullan, Journey, Qld

Category 14: Best Social Justice Article


"Trinity and Reconciliation"

by Assistant Bishop Chris McLeod, Guardian


"Shame, Blame, Defence, and Healing"

by Helen Miller, Case Quarterly # 41


"Lighting The Way"

by Sarah Kenworthy, The Majellan

Category 15:  Best Review


"Mad Max review"

by Jen Vuk, Salvation Army National Editorial Department


"Post-God nation"

by Barney Zwartz, The Melbourne Anglican


Not awarded 


 Category 16:   Best Humorous Item


not awarded


"The Goodes, the bad and the ugly"

by Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street.


"Blessing of the Smart Phones"

by Brendan Boughen, Touchstone.

Category 17:  Best Cover Magazine


Voice of the Martyrs, October 2015.


Vox Point, May 2015


Canvas, Autumn 2015, issue 74

Category18 Best Cover Newspaper


The Melbourne Anglican, April 2015.


NZ Catholic, October 4-17, 2015. #476.


The Advocate, February 2015.

Category 19: Best Design Magazine


Women in Touch magazine

The Salvation Army, Australian Eastern Territory


Journey magazine, Uniting Church, Queensland


War Cry, Salvation Army, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga

Category 20: Best Design Newspaper


The Advocate, Baptist Churches of Western Australia


Not awarded

Not awarded 

Category 21:  Best Design Website


CathNews Perspectives, Church Resources


Crosslight, Uniting Church, Victoria


Eureka Street, Jesuit Publications

Category 22:  Best original photography


"Flynn's baptism heralds a new beginning for deacon too."

by Giovanni Portelli, Catholic Weekly


"Finding peace through brokenness in India."

by Bindy Taylor, New Times


"The city. A Place of the Spirit. Portrait of Bishop Greg Thompson."

by Kathleen Mackay, Anglican Encounter

Category 23     Best Headline


"Meet, Pray, Love"

Judy Adamson for the headline: Southern Cross, Anglican Media, Sydney


"Playing it forward"

Katrina McLachlan for the headline: Guardian, Adelaide Anglican Diocese


"Bundy Run"

Dean Simpson and Sharon Paterson, for the headline, Pipeline, Salvation Army, Eastern Territory  



ARPA News June 2016

Ramon Williams ARPA Scholarship 2016

 The Australasian Religious Press Association is pleased to announce the winner of the Ramon Williams ARPA Scholarship for 2016

Ashley Thompson

Ashley is the advertising and digital media manager for Journey, the publication of the Uniting Church Synod of Queensland and has been involved in ARPA for three years, winning the Gold Award for Best New Writer in 2014. 

The Scholarship Certificate will be presented at the 2016 ARPA Awards Dinner to be held on Saturday 3rd September in Sydney.

The ARPA executive congratulates all the applicants for 2016. In this, the second year, applicants illustrated through their stories, an impressive range of experience and outstanding Christian service and commitment.

Ramon Williams has been involved with ARPA since its establishment in 1974. Ramon was awarded the Association’s premier trophy the Gutenberg Award in 1987.  In 2013, ARPA recognised his long-standing public Christian ministry, and presented Ramon with the honour of an ARPA Citation for Outstanding Service to Christian Media.

As the founder of Worldwide Photos Ltd, he has contributed in a variety of ways to the ministry of the Church in Australia, especially through the provision of photographic material, Christian stories and press releases to the Christian Media and the secular media. Ramon has been a source of great personal encouragement for many Christians in the media and many people have been touched by Ramon’s thoughtfulness and contact. Ramon’s life theme is Telling others what others are doing for the Lord and it is ARPA’s hope that this scholarship will be a source of encouragement for a younger member in their developing ministry of Telling others what others are doing for Lord.

Details of the Scholarship

The Ramon Williams ARPA Scholarship provides financial sponsorship for a nominated delegate (aged 33 years or under) from an ARPA member publication to enable them to attend the annual ARPA conference.

Applications are judged by the ARPA President and the New Zealand and Australian ARPA Vice-Presidents using a numerically based formula to help the judges determine the depth and nature of each application within the context of considering the benefit the applicant would receive from attending a conference and also how the applicant may be able to help ARPA in its mission of serving the religious press.

For further information please contact the ARPA President: Peter Bentley


Mobile: 0402469907                                                      17th June 2016

ARPA News February 2016

ARPA News February 2016

Notes from the 2016 face-to-face meeting of the Australasian Religious Press Association.

The ARPA executive met at The Golden Grove Healing Centre in Newtown, Sydney 5-6 February. The executive meeting included the appointed members from the 2015 AGM, Sophia Sinclair (Press Service International, but also there in her role as ARPA Minutes Secretary) and Sarah Richards (Bible Society of New Zealand). Penny Mulvey (Crosslight) joined via Skype on the Friday night and this worked very well. The following is a brief outline of some of the matters considered. The ARPA executive also has oversight of the organisation’s finances and reporting.

Thank you to the staff at the GG Centre for their hospitality. It is an excellent venue (and a Christian oasis) in the middle of Newtown and a short trip from the airport. 

Ramon Williams ARPA Scholarship and Sponsorship

Firstly the Ramon Williams Scholarship information was slightly revised (the main change is that the age for entry will be up to 33 years) and the revised notice will be provided to members soon for consideration.

Appeal for Donations for the Ramon Williams ARPA Scholarship

Secondly, the executive endorsed an appeal and fundraising proposal from former President and Life Member Errol Pike that will seek to establish a fund to enhance the scholarship by offering multiple scholarships (an initial thought is 3 for Australia and 1 for New Zealand) and also secure the financial base of the scholarship for several years to come. This will involve a wide appeal and contact.

The first stage of this is to secure names of possible people who may contribute to this fund and ARPA invites our members to provide names of potential donors or contact details for organisations, trusts and foundations who may be contacted about supporting the development of this scholarship.


New Zealand ARPA Promotion

There will be a mailing to non-ARPA members in NZ with the hope of bringing in more members, especially in the NZ scene. ARPA NZ Vice-President Justin St. Vincent is co-ordinating this and has been keenly promoting the work of ARPA with the hope of bringing in new members, especially with the hoped for 2017 New Zealand conference.

Future ARPA conferences – 2017, and 2019 – 2020

There was a wide-ranging discussion about locations for future conferences. Information has now been provided to ACPA outlining that ARPA is exploring Auckland for the 2017 conference and inviting consideration of this as well as looking ahead to 2019 and 2020, with Perth raised as a possibility and also Singapore, making ARPA a truly Australasian gathering. The idea of looking ahead is to also allow time for members to plan to attend these locations if they are accepted.

 2018 Conference– Proposal concerning Joint arrangements with ACPA and the Australian Catholic Communications Congress (this matter was considered at the 2015 ARPA AGM and referred to the ARPA executive).

Note: ARPA has been represented at the last two Catholic Communications Congresses (2012 and 2015) and has been warmly invited to connect in a more defined way in 2018.

Aoife Connors, the Media and Communications Director of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference was present at the executive meeting on the Friday night and presented a paper concerning the possibility of linking the dates and logistical arrangements for conferences in 2018. As members know ARPA and ACPA are usually held at a similar time and in an expression of collegiate contact the ARPA executive supported an invitation to “work together with members of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) Media Council Association (ARPA) and the Australian Catholic Press Association (ACPA) to appoint a steering committee to plan, organise and execute the next Australian Catholic Communications Congress at the same location and date during 2018, so that there would be some overlap for delegates who may wish to attend more than one of the conferences.”

ARPA Conference costs and arrangements

Arising from questions raised about holding conferences at hotels and costings, the President prepared a discussion paper for consideration. Background material about ARPA conferences was also provided. The executive agreed that it was helpful to consider each conference individually and because different cities had different possibilities a key was flexibility. It was also noted that sponsorship was very significant, and increased sponsorship will help keep registration costs to a good level. A copy of the paper was made available to all members for information.

New Member

ARPA welcomed CASE as a member (  Members who attended the 2014 ARPA conference would remember receiving a copy of the special CASE magazine edition on the Church and Media.

Review of ARPA Awards 2016

The annual review of the awards was undertaken and there will be some changes to the wording of awards and entries, but the major change is that there will be two new awards/division of awards.

  • Best Cover will now be awarded for Best Cover Magazine and Best Cover Newspaper.
  • The Column/Blog award will become two awards: Best Column and Best Blog.

It would be helpful to begin to think about your award entries and also Gutenberg nominations. The closing date will be May 20th (Full entry details will be sent in the new few weeks).

ARPA News January 2016

Annual Executive Meeting

The annual face to face meeting for the ARPA executive and the members elected at the 2015 AGM will be held 5-6 February at the Golden Grove Healing Centre in Newtown.  This is a wonderful place to stay if you are around the Newtown area.

The executive has many matters of business to attend to including: Memberships, Annual review of the Awards, Conference costings and locations, including 2016 arrangements and future conferences, including consideration of the proposed joint conference congress with ACPA and the Catholic Media Congress in 2018; Sponsorship, and connections with like-minded groups as ARPA explores it future.

Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are very welcome at any time. A report will follow in the second ARPA News for the year.

Honour for Allan Sauer

ARPA is pleased to highlight the recognition bestowed on our Treasurer Allan Sauer in the 2016 Australia Day Honours. Congratulations Allan.

MEDAL (OAM) OF THE ORDER OF AUSTRALIA IN THE GENERAL DIVISION Mr Allan John SAUER, Holland Park Qld 4121 For service to the Anglican Church of Australia.

Service includes: Secretary, Defence Force Board, Anglican Church of Australia, 2011-2014. Treasurer, 2003-2014 and Elected Member, 1989-2014. Council Member, Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, 1989-2010. Chairman, Diocesan Insurance Board, since 2004 and Member, since 2003. Chairman, Diocesan Media Committee, 1997-2003 and Editor, Diocesan Magazine 'Focus'. Elected Diocesan Representative to the Anglican General Synod of Australia, 1988-2014 and Archbishop’s nominee, 1994-2014. Parish Councillor, St Andrew's Anglican Church, since 2005 and Honorary Treasurer, since 2012 and Parish Representative to the Diocese of Brisbane, 2005-2014. Parish Councillor, St Stephen's Anglican Church, 1998-2003. Parish Councillor and Church Warden, St Matthew's Anglican Church, 1987-1993 and Parish Representative to the Diocese of Brisbane, 1990-1993. Parish Councillor and Church Warden, St Bartholomew's Anglican Church, 1975-1979 and 1971-1973 and Parish Representative to the Diocese of Brisbane, 1980-1983. Treasurer, Australasian Religious Press Association, since 2012 and Executive Officer, 2006- 2012. Federal Board Member, Bush Church Aid Society, 1985-1995 and Honorary Secretary, Queensland Branch, 1981-1989.

2016 Conference at Rydges Sydney Central

Dates: Commencing lunch-time Friday 2 September and concluding Sunday morning 4 September with worship. Rydges is a short walk from Central Station, and a direct link to the airport train line.

Conference Theme: The Converging Word (Converging Mediums of Communication)

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